I have no network in India! What can i do?

  • 31 December 2021
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Hi, I travelled to India few weeks back and the esim was working fine for first 2 weeks. However, since last 3 days I am not getting any network. I did basic diagnosis of the problem but couldn’t find any issues. Also turned off phone for 5 mins and switched it on (as mentioned in one of the forum questions). Nothing seems to work and I really need urgent access to my esim. What should I do?

2 reacties

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Hello @abhargava , welcome and somewhat strange. Let’s try if we can help you.

So, now you are a couple of weeks in India and the last 3 days the sim failed. When this started, did you travel to a remote area perhaps? An area where there is no or much less coverage? Have you tried to select a carrier manually?

And what is the message you see, the notification, if there is any?

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@abhargava Welcome to our Forum!

What an unfortunate situation. I totally undertand why this is an urgent situation. Forum Expert @RicoK is asking good questions! I would like to add: What kind of phone(brand) do you have? I can send you information based on your phone on how you select the network manually. 

I hope to hear from you soon! We dont check the forum as often as our live customerservices. If you are in need of immediate help, you can start a live chat on the Simyo website or start a Whatsapp conversation.

With kind regards,