eSim won't activate on new iPhone, what now?

  • 20 September 2022
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I messaged the whatsapp support 24 hours ago but have heard nothing back.  When I try and activate the eSim via the app on my new iPhone, I get the error message "Mobile plan cannot be added, the code is no longer valid"‬.


I’ve tried to reinstall the app and also removed the eSim from my old phone, it makes no difference.  Am I doing something wrrong?




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Same here and I couldn't reach the support either.

Did you get your issue resolved?  I’m getting hammered with roaming charges daily at the moment while still paying for this.

No, it is not resolved yet.

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It generally takes a working day for moderators/community managers (= Simyo employees) to respond on the forum. I expect they will do so later today.


I found support by asking on twitter politely.  It seems like someone is on it.  I’ll report back :)

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Hi @ds2000, thank you for your message. We are indeed in contact through Twitter, I would love to help you through this route to avoid confusion.

Hi @skpanayotov, my colleague @Amy has asked you to send her a private message on this topic. She will be happy to help you further.

Kind regards,

Thanks, it seems like there is some weird issue with my phone and the app.  I hope it can be fixed soon :)