What can i do about my out of bundle costs?

  • 19 May 2023
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Hello, I am a committed customer of Simyo but very unfortunately I went over my  bundle with 2068MB in March. I have realized it too late due to my notification silent mode. As I am a student 240 euros is for me big sum of money which I am not able to pay. It is very disappointing to me as I really enjoy using simyo services. Can you give me advice what to do in such a situation. Thank you!! :)

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2 reacties

that is not so smart 

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Hi @Sivio,

Thank you for your message. Ugh, I can imagine you were shocked by this! 

Indeed, we recommend keeping a close eye on the warning text messages so you can avoid additional charges. If no action is taken after receiving these messages you will pay the out of bundle rate of €0,15 per mb. To get the most out of your bundle I would like to share the following page with you: Alles over je dataverbruik, MB’s besparen en je internetbundel.

Would you send me a private message with your personal information? Then I will be happy to see what I can do for you in the costs incurred.