Refund for purchased esim card

  • 1 April 2024
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Hi, how I can get a refund for the card I bought last week, since it’s completely useless. It was working for half an hour, and it just lost it’s connectivity. And now I tried to remove it and install it again, and I’m getting that I need to send a SMS. SMS to the card that is not working, wtf? I needed card to use it abroad, and it doesn’t work, so I would like to have a refund for it, I didn’t use any of the credit. 


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Hi @Nenad,

Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear that your eSIM is not working.

I see that you need a validation code to install your eSIM, I can send you this through e-mail if you'd still like that. You can send me a private message for this, I would love to help you further.

If you'd like to cancel your order, then you can do this at our website. If you cancel within 14 days starting from the day that you've placed the order, then you will receive a refund.