Hoe zeg ik mijn prepaid aansluiting op?

  • 27 October 2020
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I would like to stop my prepaid number with Simyo because I'm not using it since very long. Is there a way to stop it from the webpage, or do I need to wait 6 months until you cancel it by yourselves?


Beste antwoord door RicoK 27 October 2020, 11:30

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Do you want to end your prepaid connection or do you want to have it taken over by a new provider and you want to keep your number? In that case you can request a new connection with the new provider and ask him/her to take over the number from Simyo which is called ‘Nummerbehoud’.

If you just want to end it you can use your remaining call credit and throw away the simcard.

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Hi Fernando,


Welcome to the Simyo Forum! 

Like RicoK said: If you want to cancel your prepaid number, you can just cut the simcard up and throw it away. No one can then reach your number and it will be automatically canceled after 6 months.  Make sure to use up the credit that is still left on the card.


If you have any further questions let us know! 


Thanks RicoK! 


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