What can I do to avoid high out-of-bundle charges?

  • 15 May 2023
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I am writing to seek some advice or assistance regarding an issue I have encountered with my interent consumption. As a loyal customer, I find myself in a rather challenging situation and would appreciate any guidance you can offer.

To provide some context, I have been a client with this service provider for the past eight months, and overall, I have been satisfied with their services. However, recently I received my monthly bill and was shocked to see an out-of-bundle fee amounting to a staggering 350 euros. This fee greatly exceeds any previous charges I have incurred and has put me in a difficult financial position.

As a student, I operate within a limited budget, and such an unexpected expense has had a significant impact on my financial stability. While I understand that I should have been more cautious with my usage, I find it challenging to accept such a substantial charge, particularly considering my consistent loyalty and previous satisfactory experiences.

With this in mind, I kindly request your assistance or suggestions on what steps I can take to address this issue. I am unsure if there is any possibility of negotiating a lower fee or setting up a payment plan that would be more manageable for me. I am open to any reasonable solution that could help alleviate the burden I am currently facing. 

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Hi @a_dd_hd,

Thanks for your message. I can imagine you were shocked by this! Good that you got in touch.

Internet usage can always be registered on the SIM card. Think of a software update or an app that is still on in the background and so on. Where exactly the Internet is used, we may and unfortunately can not see because of privacy laws. 

We always send 2 warning text messages, at 80% usage and 100% usage of the internet bundle. If no action is taken after receiving these messages, the out of bundle rate of €0,15 per mb will be charged. If you want to make sure that no internet can be consumed, it is best to disable the internet option on the SIM card via Mijn Simyo > Instellingen > Internet en bellen

It is also true that the network can automatically switch from the Wifi to the 4G network and therefore the internet bundle is consumed. This is also called Wifi assistance. This option is often enabled by default in a phone and with it you give permission to automatically switch to the 4G network if the Wifi is weaker or goes down in between. Through the settings of the device itself, you can disable this option if necessary. 

Should it be an Android device, many of them allow you to set a data limit through the settings of the device itself. Apple does not have this option! To get the most out of your bundle, I like to share the following link with you: Alles over je dataverbruik, MB’s besparen en je internetbundel.

Would you send me a private message with your personal information? Then I will be happy to see what I can do for you.