Mobile data ran out for a few hours, is there something we can do about the high bill?

  • 10 February 2024
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I have a bundle for 15gb in my contract. I ran out of data, i have seen the message that 80% were used and booked 500mb for for 5 euro additionally. Unaware of the fact that the internet never gets disabled after the usage of remaining GB, i now got surprised by an sms stating that my simcard got blocked, and that i owe simyo more than a 100€. As a student, this is way more than I can handle, especially knowing that I still tried to make it right. All this happened so fast that I could barely prevent it. This seems more than unprofessional to me, as this strategy to earn money is not used by any other mobile company i can think of, which makes the whole situation even more despicable. I would like to receive a response by the customer service, and i hope we will be able to find a way to solve this issue in an accommodating manner.

Kind regards, moira 


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Hello @Moira,

Thank you for your message. I can imagine that you are shocked by the high costs!

If you run out of extra MBs and no action is taken through the warning text messages, you will pay the out-of-bundle rate of €0,15 per MB as we have no data limit. To get the best out of the bundle i would like to share the next page with you: Alles over je dataverbruik, MB’s besparen en je internetbundel.

Can you send me a private message with your personal information? Then i will check for you if there is something we can do about the extra costs.