Unable to send MMS via iPhone SE 2020, what now?

  • 19 September 2022
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I would like to enable MMS on my iPhone SE2020. I don’t see any settings that all me to do this. I can send iMessages just fine, but I can’t seem to communicate via MMS with non-iPhone users. Suggestions?

2 reacties

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Hello @CCGlobetrotter it has not been possible to send an MMS since about five years ago. See (in Dutch): MMS gestopt, maar kan ik nog sms-en? | Simyo Forum

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Hi @CCGlobetrotter,

Thank you for your message. What @RicoK says is indeed correct, it has been no longer possible to send an MMS for about 5 years now. You should still be able to send text messages though 🙂.