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  • 24 december 2011
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First of all sorry for writing in English but I don't speak Dutch. I have 3 questions.
a. When I send an sms, I don't get a report although I have the report for sms "ON" in my mobile (I have LG GD510). Can this be fixed?
b. Is there a way to know how many minutes I have left to call/send sms by calling a number or sending a text message to Simyo, in case that I don't have access to internet?
c. When I try to change the language that I use for my telephone I get a message saying "kan niet uitvoeren conflict met hoofd menu", which didn't happen when I had another sim card in my telephone, from another company.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

2 reacties

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A: maybe it can be fixed....But you must maybe call simyo for this problem.......i'am not really sure!
B: you must going to 'Mijn simyo' en then you see 'verbruik' and then click on it :-)
C: uhmmmm......try update to your telephone and when it is not working then you have your phone off and then on again

Greetings Aren 😉
Ad a) This is being discussed here (in Dutch, though).