Network problems in Eindhoven

  • 31 January 2012
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Since this morning, my phone will not connect to the Simyo network most of the time. When it does connect, good signal strength is shown but I can't make calls or use mobile internet and it drops out again after a short time. For a while, the phone connected to the Belgian BASE network.

Is there a problem with the Simyo network in the Eindhoven area?

UPDATE: When my phone connects to the Belgian BASE network, I can make calls and receive text messages. This is not possible when it connects to Simyo, and it drops the connection regularly.

4 reacties

Seems to be working again now, I guess it was a temporary problem.
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Welcome peter.l

I just called with our networkservice department. They have not received any indications about a problem with our network in Eindhoven. I would like to know if you have the same problem when you try an other mobile phone. We would like to know what your experiences are.

Thanks for your reply!

The problem returned and I investigated further. I tried the Simyo SIM card in the following phones - HTC Desire, Nokia 3120 Classic (both 3G). Both showed the same behaviour.

In dual mode 3G/GSM, both phones connected to 3G, but could not make calls (they showed an error message on screen) or use mobile internet, and the 3G connection dropped out regularly. Both phones showed good signal strength for 3G.

In GSM only mode, both phones work fine, and can make calls and use the mobile internet.

The exact location is the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. From my desk Simyo normally works well with 3G.
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Hi peter.I,

Could you send us your mobile number in a privatemessage?