Wrong charges, what can I do?

  • 29 May 2021
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Hello, I recently moved to the Netherlands and this is the second month with my Simyo number. The first month went smoothly. Today, I checked my bill on my account, and I saw that it was 135 euros. I double checked on your portal, and it showed very high internet consumption today. This is not possible because I have been connected to my Wifi all day. Because the fees kept on rising, I sent a message to customer service and had no other option but to physically remove my sim card from my phone to see what happens. The fees kept on rising even after i did that. There is clearly some sort of technical problem, and I sure hope that the Simyo team can look into it and solve this issue.  


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The fee is still rising on my account, and meanwhile my Sim card is not even in my phone. This is all very strange. Is there no way to reach Simyo over the weekend to stop this?

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The fee is still rising on my account, and meanwhile my Sim card is not even in my phone. This is all very strange. Is there no way to reach Simyo over the weekend to stop this?

The My Simyo portal has a delay in detecting/receiving usage, so it is possible that it still raises when you remove the Simcard from your phone, because it is processing usage of hours ago.

On my Simyo you can review the recorded data-sessions, by clicking the "Bekijk je verbruik” link at the data-usage display. You can click on the bars in the bar-graph to see a list of each recorded data-session of that day. These data-sessions are maximal ~60MB as they will be split into multiple sessions when they are bigger than 60MB. You will likely see no data-sessions after the time you removed your simcard.

Simyo does warn you when you run out of data by SMS message. Those SMS messages are instantly send by the network when you reach 80% and 100%. Didn't you receive those?

Could it be your wifi had issues and your mobile switched to 4G without you noticing?

Given you see a bill of 100+ euro, your connection is likely blocked of any outgoing connection. Simyo automatically blocks connection, which use more than 100 euros in 24 hours and 250 euros in 1 week. This is done by the my Simyo portal, so that might be a bit delayed. More info here!

Although it is in Dutch, this blog-post explains a lot to prevent this type of issues by configuring your phone to preserve data or to even have a local data-cap configured on the smartphone itself.

Only “Moderators” and "Community managers” are Simyo staff. Those will be able to help you further.

This does not answer my concern: which is that I am being unfairly charged. After reviewing the rest of the forum, I am even more worried with the number of people who have already had this problem and complaint. Simyo is obviously not making the right steps to fix this recurring problem which borders on theft. It is therefore not respecting its duty of care to its customers. I have dealt with other providers in the past and never had a similar issue. I am deeply disappointed by this service.     

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Hi Christelle, 


Welcome to the Simyo Forum! 


I can imagine you must have been very worried when you saw the costs! I wil try my best to clear some things up for you. There is one thing you need to understand: the internet consumption has happened on your phone, there is no technical problem. So in order to prevent this from happening next time, I advice you to take a serious look at the blog Groentjuh mentioned in his message. In this blog you find tips and tricks to prevent unwanted data usage by altering the settings in your phone to your liking. 


If you can send me a private message, I can answer remaining questions and I can take a look at what I can do for you regarding the costs. 


Thanks Groentjuh! 


Kind Regards,